The Archangel Raphael

Late October – early November, 2014

In late October into early November while in focus level 12 I become aware of three figures that would appear facing me, standing together, shoulder to shoulder. They would stand in the same place each session; just off to my right on about my 2 o’clock and about 10 to 12 feet away if one may judge distances in that environment. These individuals appeared similar to three white ghostly and vaguely human-like statues. It seemed they were frozen in time or something like that. I was never alarmed by them but I was certainly puzzled as to what they were.

They always appeared in my sessions, yet they did not move neither did they speak to me.  I had no idea what they represented, but in time I began to ‘feel’ that they represented something that was more than a ‘ghost’ or a spirit, or whatever term one may chose to use. I sense they represented something beyond us all, something above us all as they carried a sort of weight of authority in their presence. I could feel from them a deity-like quality that I recognized could well have motivated mythologies in the past, but I could not understand why they would appear facing me.

Then one day in session a new figure appeared. This individual clearly appeared as a man and seeing him was a vivid experience. He appeared just above me but nearly on my level. He had long black hair that was swept back and he wore what looked like a plain long draping tunic of rough cloth; no adornments of any kind. He’s face is hard to describe but I would describe him as having a serious, committed, and commanding countenance yet he clearly had a humble disposition. I saw him in gray scale, no color, but with enough detain to make out expressions on his face.

In this encounter we conversed at length and as we talked it was clear he knew me very well; knowing my deepest questions, my deepest grievances with life itself, and speaking with him was deeply comforting – as if every concern was completely understood and reconciled.

In the lesson Bob’s narration interrupted and he directed me to exit the session near the end of the track. At this time the Hemi-Sync signal was pulling me back out of the focus level 12 and I found I was receding, as if slowly falling away from this figure. As I felt this or recognized this sensation of being pulled back I looked up at this newly met figure and then he called down to me his name… “Raphael”. That surprised me because from the little I had read of Bob’s book it seemed Bob like to refer to entities he met with acronym designations, so I immediately took noticed of this difference and wondered why was this figure giving me a name. Who could he be?

Later that day, back in the physical as we say, I thought to investigate this name on the web and I readily found may hits that referred to…..the Archangel Raphael. At first this seemed totally absurd. How could I possibly have spoken with an archangel! Even if it was actually an archangel, why would “I” be meeting one?

Then I noticed that the name Raphael meant God Healing – something I’ve spent most of my lifetime looking for as I had previously lived 28 years with a crushing chronic disease with morbidities along with other injuries. I found that I was caught between the sense that this was total and complete nonsense, and on the other hand this seemed to be completely right since I did have impossible healings in my life although none of the healing experiences occurred when I would have liked them.

The next day I went back in session to focus level 12. Immediately the individual Raphael was there so I directly asked if he was “The Raphael” could he provide some sort of confirmation that demonstrated who he was. He then appeared perturbed by this and disapproving with me. I voiced that that seemed like a strange reaction to a simple question. I said I didn’t think God would respond like that…. and the being immediately disappeared – the session went completely dead. Following this all my sessions were totally dead for a couple of days.

Then one day after that time I entered focus 12 and called out to the space around me, as it were.  I said, “If – Raphael, you really are ‘truly’ the Raphael… I apologize”, and instantly he appeared. Not only did he return but suddenly I felt, or understood, that we were connected in some way, that there was a bond. I couldn’t understand what the feeling was but it felt clear that Raphael and I had some deep association. In that meeting Raphael gave me the understanding that the life experiences I had were needed. Here again, I did not understand what that fully meant.

The Energy Conversion Box

To understand the following sessions I have to explain an aspect of Bob Monroe’s method. In the TMI Gateway training, and used throughout the courses, there is something called the preparatory process. This process is a collection of tasks, routines, or rituals, one utilizes to help one prepare for the specific session. One particular step in this process pertains to utilizing what is referred to as an energy conversion box.

This is a box that one creates for oneself, a mental construct if you will. This box serves as a receptacle for all the thoughts that might be an obstacle to clearing one’s mind for the session. At the beginning of the each session one puts all the things that one’s mind is busy mulling over, anything that may be a distraction, in this box.

I would commonly put in the box pictures of family members, a small model of the building in which I work, other nagging feelings about various things. Again, the idea is to identify mental distractions and set them in the box so that one’s mind may be free, at least for the time of the session, from intrusive distracting thoughts.

My energy conversion box had the form of a large granite vault that rested on a wooden floor in a small room with rough wood paneling. In session, when I was done putting things in the box I would closed its heavy lid and slid the box aside to my right. Then I would proceed on following the narration.

However, in one session following the recent encounter with Raphael, when I was done putting the usual distractions into the preparatory box I noticed on my left a gigantic balloon-like feature. It resembled a partially inflated hot air balloon that was filling and it was also filling the room as it became an ever increasing problem. Given the time allotted for the preparatory process I became concerned by what this meant and that there was no way I could gather up and fit the growing balloon into my energy conversion box. The balloon was completely unmanageable and I was baffled as to what to do; what this meant.  

Then, in some manner that I can’t explain, I thought to shrink the balloon and as I did that it turned into a heavy lead ball slightly smaller than a basketball. Then for all following sessions, whenever I entered the room that stored my energy conversion box in the preparatory process there would be this heavy object, always present at my feet and I would need to put it in the box while I had no idea what it was or what I could do about it. I mean, what in the world is this? At that time I was learning focus level 15 with some frustration; I was never able to get there it seemed – wherever ‘there’ is.

Then one day in session when I closed my eyes to start, not even starting the preparatory process so the hemi-sync is only just beginning, I was surprise to find Raphael suddenly standing directly in front of me. I hadn’t even settled into focus 10 and the lesson narration hadn’t even started when he stepped up to me, grabbed me by my shoulder, and turning around he proceeded to drag me off into the blackness. The strength of his pulls were like having one’s heart yanked out – heart sickening – like feeling sick from a great acceleration at an amusement park but I should describe it more like having one’s soul ripped out.

As we traveled I heard in the distance the narration beginning and then it faded away into the background. I next recognized that focus level 15 was very difficult to comprehend. It was clearly different from focus level 12. In F15 I had strange body sensations like being smeared, or squashed…. mentally I felt like I was collapsing from 3 dimensions to two dimensions then to a point.

Encounters like this with Raphael went on for many sessions over days. I’d enter a session and Raphael would faithfully be there. He’d grab me and then drag me off. Nothing particularly happened in these sessions except Raphael dragging me off and I would go through these sensations over and over again trying to coup or get use to the new environment. I really have no way to explain it or where we went. For myself, ‘if’ we were going to focus level 15 it was something that was hard to grasp.