Another Conversation w/ the Chamberlain

Another Conversation w/ the Chamberlain
April 28, 2017

This day I did two hemi-sync sessions: the morning’s first session was a F12 track – noting nothing. For my morning’s second session I used the Starlines F34/35 take-home track. In the second session I intended to look for the EMA. Things were mostly blank but then I sense someone else was present. I inquired, “Hello”? Softly replying something said to me, “I am always with you”. Encountering these nebulous things speaking platitudes before I inquired, “You are not the EMA. What is your individual role?”, feeling the being was among Elohim. It immediately replied, “I am your guardian”. To which I stated, “You are not an angel are you?” “No”, it replied. “You are Elohim?” I asked. “Yes”, it responded.

Then wondering about its relation to the EMA and why it was present when the EMA was not I asked, “What about the EMA?” “That is that one’s role. I am your guardian”, it replied. Now, a bit irked with the cryptic responses yet knowing that often the discussions with Elohim are very factual tho basic, I thought i’d ask since I had the opportunity, “Well, why all the trouble and misery in my life? What was that for?” The response surprised me, “Others can help with this…. They are coming”. I waited and briefly detected something else had arrived but there was nothing clearly presenting that would communicate. I then thought to asked the big pointed question to these beings, “Why is it find that I cannot turn to you, or be with you as Elohim had previously stated? Why are your words incongruent”? I received no reply, [from the second arrival], and after giving them opportunity to answer, I left.

Session 3:
This evening I decided to do another meditation but decided on doing a manual one [no hemi-sync] with the intention of seeing the chamberlain at the Tower. I had been thinking about some questions for him recently and hoped I would be able to see him curious as to whether I could actually get some solid answers. At the start of this session, I really doubted that I could reach thru in a truly meaningful way as such efforts have been duds in the past. Then I was reminded that amazing things often come at times I feel most lacking and that it does not appear to matter what my ability is.

I settled into meditation with some difficulty getting relaxed. My body was having a hard time calming down and I couldn’t settle my breathing. My focus in F10 seemed poor, but when I passed into F11 I recognized what TMI calls the Access Channel and was glad to see some clarity beginning. I quickly headed into F12 and felt my awareness expand. I wondered for a moment how well it was truly expanding but then I saw the ghost horse from the other day’s encounter. I observed it prancing around in a meadow a short distance from me as if the horse was playing. It was good to know that it was well and I was satisfied that my F12 acuity seemed good.

I passed through F15 into F21 and this time I did not spend time with my F21 mnemonic. Rather I looked around wanting to get a sense of my surroundings. When I felt I was well consolidated I turned my attention toward the task of heading to the Green Wall. As I traveled in that direction I found I was passing through various scenes as if other thought-construct aspects occupying F21 in my locality were available. I continued between them, choosing to pass by them on to my specific construct. Observing this interesting variety of representations I passed through them and continued to the Green Wall. Once I got to the forest that’s near the Wall I entered it and quickly made my way.

At the Wall I paused there to take my time and focus on this transitional element wishing to maintain a good connection in this state. Passing into the wall, it was as if stepping into liquid, becoming bathed in the green color there. I lingered in the wall for some moments examining it, again trying to carefully adhere to the state. Then I emerged into the city.

Immediately I encountered a female waiting there. She didn’t look the same as the princess-like complex thought-form that I’ve met previously and this made me wonder what was going on? Am I confused about the image? Am I adding this? Why am I meeting another form? I paused and after greeting her briefly I explained that I was there to speak with the chamberlain. The young women turned and immediately began to lead me and she accompanied me on the path to the tower. Along the way this young figure seemed to twirl, skip, and dance about. Her actions helped me focus on her and I apprehend the individual to be utterly happy or giddy and my suspicion that she was not the princess thought-form, and that I was perceiving her correctly improved.

This individual appeared more as a young maiden to use an archaic term and wasn’t as richly adorned as the princess. I was becoming more persuade that this must be someone else. As we walked I asked her, “Is there a word or name that represents you”? “You may call me Carla”, the figure replied. I thought, right a human name, and making a mental note of her name I asked, “Have you traveled through the city? Is there a boundary?” “I have traveled and have never encountered any limitation”, she explained as she twirled about. I then ask whether this environment pertained to the physical Universe to which she immediately replied, “It pertains completely”, while still twirling and dancing along.

At the tower door I thought to tell the figure that I wished to enter the tower alone, but I remembered how in the past the princess figure always followed for some unknown reason although I did know she was interested in many things, interested in the physical. Then I reconsidered and informed the figure that she was welcome to follow and that I did not mind if she listened to my conversation. Given that however, the figure gave a small bow and backed away indicating I presumed that she would not attend. I thanked her and entered the tower alone.

Inside I ascended the steps around the tower’s interior wall and soon arrived at the top level, which I realized clearly then that this level did have a roof. That was something I puzzled over in the past, what was above that room. Immediately I detected the chamberlain and approaching him I bowed slightly in greeting. “Chamberlain, may I ask you a number of questions”, I started. To which he appeared to affirm that I may. I began, “Do you have awareness of the history of my physical existence”. “I do”, he replied. “Then are you able to address questions I have that pertain to more then this book”, I stated as I rested my hand on the book which had been the center of our previous conversations. “Yes. I am”, he patiently replied. “Can you tell me who is it you represent?” I asked. “Your family”, he replied. I continued, “Is there also a civilization, a community body with administration, that you may represent?” He replied, but I was not able to understand his words. I recognized that the meaning he expressed indicated that the matter was beyond my comprehension at this time [in scale, scope, or construct].

Still keeping my right hand on the cover of the closed book, as I sought to stay anchored and to keep focused on constructing my questions, I turned to another topic, “Are you aware of the non-human life forms I am encountering outside of the Earth system?” “Yes”, he again affirmed. “Are you aware of my contacts with the thought-vessel that travels across the Universe addressing paradoxes – the leader I know as Sa-Tash?” I asked. “That individual I do not know”, he replied, “However, I know of the purposes and tasks you refer to”. “Why am I meeting this group, their craft?” I asked. “It is very important that you become familiar with the nature of their work. You already understand its purpose”, he stated. As he said this I realized I did have more understanding of the purpose; that given the many levels and myriads of intentions creatively at work there are bound to be conflicts in intention. Some conflicting intentions that positively work together are constructive, while other interfering intentions working destructively in some cases appearing as dilemmas, paradoxes, disharmonies – these often requiring resolution.

After that tangentially realization I returned my attention to the present moment with the chamberlain, “Are you aware that the Pleiadians: Atur and Anosh, have contacted me? Is this truly so [actually Pleiadians]?” “Yes. We had coordinated with them in this matter”, he replied and I was surprised by his answer but it made sense.

Then changing subjects I asked, “The being I met that referred to himself as my guardian and is of the Elohim, what is that…a guardian?”. “That being is [concept of large army in size, similar to the idea of a breed in type, occurred in my mind] your guardian”, he conveyed. Thinking for a moment I asked, “Is there a better term then the Earth word Elohim to describe these beings”? The chamberlain replied, “Thinking as you do in terms of Shepherds of Creation is suitable. Now including Guardians – a role in addition to shepherding, strongly protecting aspects of creation and more.

As I pondered what this instructor was explaining, understanding there were many roles among them, while still keeping my hand on the book to keep myself anchored, I tried to focus on constructing additional questions while I had this connection and so I asked, “This book… You have said it is my future…Is it a manual that will guide me in what I should do?” The chamberlain countered, “It is as an outline of events and tasks. Think of it as a docket of what we have to address”. I turned a couple of the first pages, wondering how I would ever read this.

“And this will pertain to the physical life I have now?” I asked. “Yes, these events have begun; it has started. Because you are able to be aware of us we moved forward with you in your current state”. I looked at the pages, the first being the picture of Earth surrounded with things in position – the image we first looked at some time ago. “Does this first page pertain to the Great Recovery?” I then asked directly. “Yes”, he directly replied. “This is happening soon?” I asked. “By our standards this is occurring very soon, and by your standards you will become aware of operations soon also”, the chamberlain confided.

I then considered my doubts, “These thoughts and images, I do not have a way to determine that this is a valid construct”. To which the chamberlain replied, “That will not matter as all this will soon become obvious to you”. I again looked at the images in the book and expressed, “I cannot read this. I can’t see it clearly enough”. “That is why I am here to help you”, the chamberlain patiently replied. “….. and I do not know how to straighten out these attitudes I have [antagonistic doubts about the trustworthiness of some Elohim I meet]”, He kindly responded, “That is understood. When the time comes you will readily step into your role”. As I was rather filled by the detail, I turned my questions to another topic for closure.

“The young female that I met, she is not the princess-like thought-form that I’ve met previously. Correct?” I asked wishing to verify my perception. “No [she is not], we were expecting you and wished to have you met and accompanied here when you arrived” the chamberlain explained. Continuing he added, “There are many here that assist with conducting individuals to their destinations”. After this I decided it was time to leave as I felt deeply satisfied that finally I was able to get some detailed answers, amazed that I have this resource that will explained things to me.

Thinking it time to leave, after bowing slightly in thanks, I turned toward the stairs and looking to my left I saw the open air window looking out over the city, as it was when I was first brought here by the princess. I then realized that this ‘is’ the same tower, as I had questioned that. The sense of a gift was tremendous and was emotionally overwhelming….to be there again; a place that is true joy….. After some moments I headed down the staircase.

Exiting the tower I found the same maiden waiting. She walked with me as we headed toward the wall. Along the way, far off to our right I saw the princess figure standing on a hilltop. Clearly that was the individual I first met, recognizing her poise and countenance was unmistakable. Seeing her I place my hand over my heart to gesture a hello to her. She turned and smiled radiantly waving to me. Then I continued to the wall with the young maiden.

Approaching the wall I noticed the light in the sky (a previously used portal access). I wondered if I could use it to get back from here, or whether I had to pass through the Green Wall first to use the portal. Not intuitively knowing what I could do I decided to go through the Wall. There I found an individual that I could not discern. Whoever it was it instructed me to mentally place myself in the light. That was all the person offered. Then doing that, I found that I was in the light and felt … well I felt joy and a deep peace that I have not felt in a very long time. I could feel the well-being and again the sense of deep joyful peace. I stayed there and something indicated I could stay there as long as I wished, and so I remained in that state for a long time, enjoying the moment. In time I began to noticed my body and that it too felt this deep restful peace. There was a sense of completely healing, being well beyond anything that could possibly be wrong. After staying there awhile I began to recognize that I should return. As I decided that I found my body to be slightly ringing mostly from the chest down. Then after a few moments I decided it was time to be back and I exited directly to C1 without transition.