An Invitation to the Tower 

An Invitation to the Tower 

Monday 4/10/2017

This day I was considering my inability to make any progress, to have any direction or purpose; any motivation. What in the world is going on, or not going on; what is this? Since I had not done a manual meditation in awhile, skeptical that anything would truly transpire, I thought I would try one this day.

Proceeding to focus 12 I stayed there waiting to see if I would detect anything and I was reluctant to bother going any further, but then I felt some direction or a pull to focus 21. Getting to focus 21 I planted my mnemonic in the ground. I noticed the mnemonic was more animated than usual. I stayed there for awhile wondering what to do. I made a general hale to the Elohim, but felt I was not making any progress. Then I thought I would go to the obelisk.

Flying there, I noted something flying along side me on my left. I wondered if it was Yurael, but that was pure speculation. I didn’t detect it clearly enough to actually know what was there. When I got to the obelisk I landed and looking at the monument I was surprised to see it was bigger than how I saw it when viewed from above. From the ground I guessed the structure was 10-12 feet tall. I also noted that the surroundings were dry and featureless. It seemed I was standing on a gravely hard sand. It also seemed Yurael was standing by, but I could not clearly perceive anything that would allow me to actually conclude that.

I made a sort of general inquiry to whatever was at large, saying,”I don’t understand how I am going to come to believe all this. The storyline continues but where is the substance of this?” Suddenly I saw an image of a young man before me, as if seeing him from above and behind him. As I looked at him, he reminded me of Luke Skywalker in “The New Hope” Star Wars movie. That figure standing on the barren region of some place. I thought, great more imaginative front loads, but then I understood that in the movie Luke starts with a longing to move on, but can’t until meeting Obi-Wan Kenobi, and the time thrusting open a new beginning while he still had much impatience and many doubts. I contemplated this for awhile.

Then a very young boy walked up to me from out of nowhere approaching on my right. His hand was outstretched, holding something out to me. I then took something from the boy’s hand and began to examine what it was. What was this I thought as I tried to examine the object. Then the young boy quickly turned and ran away. I examined what I had just received from him and observed it was a small leather pouch. Opening it I found a folder piece of parchment-like paper inside. I removed the paper and unfolding it I tried to read what it said, then understanding, “You are Cordially Invited to the Tower”, was all that was communicated. Given that I decided to go to the Green Wall to access the City.

Traveling to the woods outside the Green Wall I saw Devenoir waiting there. Approaching I greeted him, then entered the forest. Immediately I noticed the soft moon-like light above the trees, and exiting the forest I looked at the light and saw that it was not moon-light at all. Rather it appeared as a perfect circular and uniform light that impressed me as artificial. I then entered the Wall and emerging from it I noted more individuals than usual moving about. I couldn’t quite detect what they were exactly, my awareness was only that there was a bustling activity present of many individuals. I began to walk to the Tower which I saw a short distance away and after a bit the princess-like thought-form was walking with me. I did not engage her since I thought she was likely a memory load so I kept my course to the Tower. Entering it, it became apparent that the female thought-form was intending to accompany me. I ascended the stairs with the thought-form following me. Arriving at the top level I saw the same individual that appeared the first time I was in the tower, but I only had a vague apprehension of him.

I approached him directly and after bowing slightly I asked, “How should I address you”? “I am here to minister for you (in the sense of a chamberlain, a civil ministrant or instructional advisor)”, he replied. “Chamberlain, why am I called here?”, I asked. “I am here to assist you with this book”, he said as he placed his hand on its cover. “This book tells of your dynasty”, he said most directly. I looked at it as he continued to rest his hand on it, and then he opened it first to the title page and then he turned to the second page. Here I saw an image of the Earth as viewed from space. I looked at it at length wondering what it meant. Then he explained, “Forces are gathering”. As I studied the image of the Earth I noticed there were dim objects around and beyond the Earth and were positioning all around the planet, but I could not make out more detail. I ask, “Is this for the Great Recovery?. Is the Recovery about to begin?” I could not discern an answer. I then spent sometime making my mind available, waiting for an answer, but with some frustration nothing more came to me.

At that time I tried to assert that I really need some details. “This adding to the storyline may be a wandering around in the fantasy of my imagination, I really don’t have any substance for this”, I stated. Addressing the chamberlain and the general audience of the Elohim I presume were there in some capacity, I could discern no answer. So given that, I decided to leave. As I turned for the stairs, I could tell the princess-like figure was surprised at my actions. I walked past her and headed down the stairs, then out the door. She pursued me. Once outside I stopped and looking at her, I noticed that her being was agitated so I explained to her, “If I cannot get more information then this, I’m not sure why I should stay longer”, and turning away from her I continued to, and then through, the Green Wall, frustrated that I did not achieve more closure to the questions regarding all of this.

Seeing the light above, I wondered if I could exit through it. I then focused my attention on being in the light and suddenly I was there, enveloped in light. Then I exited the session.

I don’t know if i can, or should, continue doing this.