An Impersonator

6/4/17 Sunday
Today I woke agitated. What in the world is going on? Why are things happening like this? After giving it some thought I decided to do a manual meditation for that day. It all seemed quite impossible and I really wondered whether I would get any clear answers or contact regarding anything.

In F12 – nothing. Once in F15 I had the sense that something was just off on my left and also that something was close on my right just behind my shoulder. I could not clarify what it was. Progressing to F21 they stayed with me. In F21 I requested whatever it was to please identify itself. The figure on my left then seemed to stepped forward and as the individual appeared to clearly I accepted that it was Devenoir. He was silent, as if maintaining station for the time. As I looked over my right shoulder I sensed my guard, and as I tried to determine more clearly what was there I detected a myriad of angels.

At that time I thanked all the figures for being with me. As there was no information offered I turned my attention to trying to figure out who could best help me. I considered going to see the Chamberlain, then suddenly he was before me. “There is no need”, he stated. I thought this meant that I didn’t need to go to the Tower itself to see him, but after a few moments of trying to communicate with him I no longer believed he was actually there, or actually there to help. Given that I continued to the Tower discounting the image.

Getting through the Green Wall, I thought I immediately met Veronica as she was clear for an instant, but the image wasn’t strong enough for me to engage it so I continued to the Tower. Once I got to the Tower’s top level I looked for the chamberlain and had a murky impression of his presence; it seemed just too vague. I tried to communicate with him and felt like thoughts were just echoing in my mind, so I seriously doubted that this was a true contact and so I turned away to scrap the mission.

As I was about to leave suddenly approaching on my right was a tall, well poise man of middle age. He appeared well dressed but in some other culture’s garb. Then he said to me, “You did well to discard that image”. Now turning to face this man I asked him, “Who are you”? To which he replied, “I am one of your closest kin; let us leave the explanation at that”. So then I got to the point. “Are you able to help me understand my physical existence? I do not understand why I am coming here and why it is so confusing? I do not understand, what I am to do with these understandings; I feel as if I need to come here, yet the perceptions are quite faint”. “Yes. The difficulty you experience in being in both – planes – I will call it. [It is] understandable. There is nothing wrong. Your perception is naturally oriented to your physical. You will not have the same perceptions here.”. “I understand that but it feels like nothing has begun, while I’ve been told a number of times that it begins now”. “For this time you should be living your life”, he explained.

He began to turn away to leave and then I asked, “Should I be telling this story…?”. He paused and then said, “There are many that hunger for the knowledge you have”. With that, I concluded our conversation was over.