Tales of Master Tellaidian

Introductory Comments:

This collection of encounters with the one I call Master Tellaidian began late October 2016 while at the Starlines 1 course (TMI, Virginia). His name is Tellaidian but I address him as Master Tellaidian out of respect for his dedicated work; he never requested any title. For the reader’s clarification, Tellaidian and his associates are physical individuals that are telepathically advanced. The more I am with Tellaidian – I can only say – it is the most incredible thing.

I’ve gathered these notes in one place so one may more easily read about this figure without the need to dig through all the notes. With any collection however, one may miss out on other activity that’s parallel in the timeline of the collection. That is, one does not see the whole continuity of all messaging and experiences while reading the limited point of view of a given collection. There may be explanations of things that are acquired with other individuals not described here; these may add to the collection’s full meaning. Yet the collections do help one become familiar quickly with the specific individual.

The notes in this collection end October 2017, the time of the Starlines 2 course. Encounters/discussion with Tellaidian do continue after Starlines 2 and they are written about in the main timeline notes following Starlines 2. In the main notes I stick to one thread. There is some duplication of encounters with other collections such as the ones about the Wise One and the Ancients and Starlines 2 course notes.

Starlines 1 course at TMI: Wed AM Session 2 – F49
{Following is the portion of session’s notes that pertain to Tellaidian. The full notes for this session are in the Starlines 1 notes.}

…Going to Alpha Squared 1 I began to realized and observe more clearly that this space station was a conscious-form constructed built by other sentient beings similar to how the Thought-Vessel of Sa-Tash 2 is constructed and operated. Shortly after this I found myself led out by one individual entity for lack of better description. We drifted in space toward an enormous blackness in the star field. It was circular and I wondered if I was witnessing a black hole. Then looking off-plane of the galaxy I observe the bright glow of the central hallow of a nearby galaxy which I guessed was Andromeda.

At that time two other entities, the same species as the one that led me out, joined us. We joined hands – so to speak – forming a squarish circle between myself at one corner and the three entities at the other three corners. There was a forth member that remained outside our ring (this individual I later learned was the individual Tellaidian).

Then I felt a lift, as if on a great ocean swell. It was enormous and powerfully lifted us up. I felt like I was going to slide off this wave into the surrounding spatial star field as I looked down gradient of the swell while another swell came along and lifted us higher yet. Then I felt another lift of energy, and subsequently more swells coming along one after the other each time lifting or energizing us.

After many swells we came into some other state; one I don’t think I’ve experiences before. As the swells stopped arriving I understood and felt that this state was very abstracted. I then realized I was in communication with the minds of the other entities. Initially there was some notion offered for an agreement to mentally commune and I agreed. Another notion was presented that I may “consider” being with them. I didn’t understand what that meant and put that thought aside. It was also explained that I may pose questions to the group. Then I encountered some approaching fragments of thoughts or thoughts that I didn’t understand. I was trying to figure out how to voice a question to the group when a comment came from the figure outside the ring (Tellaidian) saying, “Come be in communion with them… Practice with them… It’s coming”.

I was in this state for a long time. When the return narration initiated closure of the session I found it difficult to comply. It was very hard to consider leaving that state, but I did force myself back to Voyager 8 although I felt like I was not coming down from the abstracted state. It was very difficult to return to normal even there (F34/35), but once I began to withdrawing group energy from the Voyager 8 crystal I felt myself starting to normalize.{Note: The V8 crystal is not a literal crystal. It is a thought-construct that represents shared purpose and/or intention – will. This ‘shape’ allows members to ‘apply’, assert, or impart energy of intention … if you will. This collective then becomes or effects something like an electromotive force that maybe shared and focused in tasks.}

The collection notes now continues with events after I returned home from the Starlines 1

Thursday 11/24/16

Today I had the whole day to be with the trees and sky. I believe I had a productive afternoon being in contact with the ones I call – “Those That Know Me”, or sometimes I call them, “Those I Know”. I decided to use the Starlines hemi-sync track and passively see what would happen after stating in my affirmation an invitation to those willing, wise in understanding, and free of any guile to contact with me.

Entering the session, I went to what TMI calls Earth Core 27 beginning the sling-shot maneuver and seriously doubted that anyone from TMI was actually going to Earth’s core. There I inquired how I might come to know the deepest aspects of Earth – Gaia, and then I found Ethereal was with me. I was tentative whether I was actually meeting her or memory loading her. I had my hands focused on the traditional core view but then she took my hands away from that and said, “You wanted to know, so follow me”. Then she turned and began to lead me deeper – somewhere else. We curved around some feature and then I found we were standing over-looking a sight. We looked down and I saw the Earth to be alive and flowing; more alive than hot is how I would characterize it. We stayed there as I prepared for the slingshot. {As an aside, I now always use this place Ethereal has shown me and I do not use what TMI calls Earth Core for my slingshot maneuvers}

On the up-shot to SP27 I quickly got my labradorite sphere ready and began to charge it. It blazed into the characteristic light given by that stone. I also noticed Raphael and I was surprised to see him saying, “You’re here”. “I am always with you now”, he replied. Then I continued with the second leg of the bounced back to be with Ethereal… and eventually jumped to 34/35. There I remained adrift, ignoring the narration of the tract.

There seemed to be someone around me, or near me. I could feel it. Next I heard, “We are with you”, was stated and I asked, “Who are you”? Then an individual stepped forward into image view. This individual struck me as the one from the experience at Starlines 1, the one that was outside the circle when I had joined in common mind with the three that lifted me in energy. I saw this individual clearly; much clearer than at Starlines. The individual wore elaborate, colorful, and decorative garb of dark fabric, having large baggy sleeves, clothing length nearly to the ground, and a very high collar. I could not tell if the collar fashioned to a hat or he had a hat on, but the high collar seemed clear. img_0419The edges of his garment were iridescent. I could make out the face; like nothing i have seen before. This figure had a long and slender nose, possibly dark very wrinkled skin, a tapering narrow face to the top of his head, red-orange luminous slanted narrow eyes. He hands had long slender fingers it seemed, very wrinkled skin I think. This individual seemed authoritative/official or high ranking in his culture, at least that was the impression I had.

I asked if I may know what species he is, and he replied something like, “Arcturus [system]”. This word caused recent memories to echo back in which the name Arcturian had ‘occurred’ to me; that was when I met the individuals that I had the above experience with and it seemed to me they managed, or administrated a gate of some sort, or something like that. This individual started the conversation with the topic of mind-to-mind communications.

The individual explained to me, “We are able to observe and peruse the energy signatures of consciousness at great distances. Your energy signature, we are familiar with and we respond because you are open to us”. I replied, “Thank you for this connection.

At times this is difficult for me.” The individual then added, “You are doing very well”. I continued, “I am not sure how to proceed at times”, to which he immediately replied, “Continue with your practice. You are attempting to persevere in critiquing your thoughts, studying sources of thoughts … this is a good practice to continue.” I found this individual to be quite supportive and affirming. Then he turned around and disappeared into the dark.

Surprised at that and wondering what to do next in 34/35 I decided to see if I could get to F42 (the Starlines 1 track does not have F42 code). Bridging my energy deposited at my SP27 and my mnemonic at Alpha Squared I suddenly found myself in my personal suite at the station. To my surprise I found the individual just met was already there in the suite, as if waiting for me. I can’t recall the conversation, but I understood he intended to help me get to what TMI calls the stargate in F49. I inquire why this was pertinent and he answered that I would need it but said no more.

Then after a few moments, I recognized that the room disappeared and I found myself in the same place where I had originally joined with the three others near the apparent, or alleged black hole riding the swells of energy waves during Starlines 1 session. This individual I just met clearly appeared to supervise. He stood outside the ring just behind me on my left. I cleared my mind to accept their process. I sensed some sort of circulation and a notion from them that they, or we, were normalizing. Then the individual outside the ring supervising indicated that some adjustments would be needed and I acknowledged that. I couldn’t detect anything happened other then we – the three others and myself – were ‘together’ somehow, and then they let go of me and our ring ended.

Suddenly I found myself back in 34/35 hovering in a blank state and decided to exit unclear as to what transpired but clear about the contact. Overall, it was a very rewarding experience – it was absolutely incredible meeting this individual from somewhere in the Arcturus system. I would have liked to speak w him further.

Back in C1, I was generally aware of some sort of “presence”; hard to explain. So I stated to all in general, that if these experiences actually are what they seem to be and that if I am not exposing myself to my own self-deception, that I accept a continuation of this process.

12/2/2016: Another Meeting with Tellaidian Focus 42

I regret I did not write this immediately, writing this a day later, as best I can remember. I used the Starlines track to go to 34/35. Quite notably, I encountered Ethereal again in the Earth 27, at the site she showed me. For some unknown reason I had a bit more acuity of her presence and so I thought to inquire more about her nature. Though I ‘perceived’ her better I could only comprehend one thing when I asked her about her nature. The word “deva” 3 was strongly placed in my mind, but that was all. Then I began to focus on the slingshot process.

Another interesting aspect was next in F27. When I entered my SP I found the labradorite sphere (where I deposit and concentrate energy) was already quite brilliant and active. I went over to it and standing next to it I placed my right hand on it, energizing it more and then I continued with the slingshot process. When I eventually arrived in 34/35 it was black, but there was clearly a patch of sparkling bits of light or something in front of me, a short distance away before me. The bits of light were brilliant in color having sparkles rich in deep dark colors that had the blackness as a background or matrix; it was like a scintillation emerging from the space itself. Though brilliantly sharp in nature with rich colors of deep blue, deep purple, and some dark red/violets I clearly recognized that I had never observed anything like this before – remarkable.

Then after a moment I wondered if the individual from the Arcturus system was present. I thought I faintly detected him, but nothing more developed. Wondering if I could successfully get to F42 I tried to access my mnemonic 4 for Alpha Squared (F42) station and then found myself in my room there, and again the individual I previously met was there again waiting for me. I could not discern his face very well at this time but I found I could manage more in terms of communications and so we discussed.

I can’t remember the order of topics, but the things I recall now are: I first inquire whether he had a name or designation as an individual and the name I got from him was Tellaidian. I offered to Tellaidian that he appear to be of a rank of status of some sort and asked him what he did. He explained he is a scientist. His formal studies pertains to the field of long distance telepathic communications which he was using with me. I inquired as to his planet and he corrected me that he is from a planet in the Arcturus ‘system’ 5.

He explained his planet is dark and cold. With that came an image of an iron ore planet in space, very cold, with no atmosphere. I saw nothing on its bare surface. The surface appear mostly smooth as iron plate, hard beyond rock, the planet looking like an iron ball-like body. He explained they live below ground level and I saw that they lived very deep within in the planetoid body. They manufacture their own atmosphere for their deep subterranean environment. He also explained their numbers are dwindling, but they are long lived (I had the impression of many hundreds of our years or more) and that they are not concerned about their declining population issue.

Another topic I inquired about pertained to the encounter with the group of the three individuals that formed the ring with me, lifting me on energy waves while at TMI. He explained that their purpose was to assist me with increasing energy. I wondered whether that was for the purpose of telepathic communications but Tellaidian did not specifically say what the energy was for.

I also inquire about the Alpha Squared station. I posed to him my notion, “Being that it is not physical I believe, I wondered if it is a system of thought-forms that various cultures have constructed and now utilize together in their varied activities”. To which he responded, “That is very well put”, but that is all I learned concerning station details. I know we discussed much more and in more detailed, but this is all that comes to mind now.

The following Sunday: I wrote Franceen King at TMI who designed the Starlines courses. I asked where the idea of Alpha Squared (F42) came from; did TMI create it or did it already exist. She confirmed TMI did not create it (as the ‘TMI There’ and Voyager 8 manifestation structures used for group activities in courses); that early when she was planning Starlines, she was guided to finding it and it was suggested to her that she incorporate it. As an aside there is also a F49 harmonic of Alpha Squared and this referred to as Alpha X in TMI courses.


This was a very faint and frustrating session. I wanted to test a long hemi-sync track I had made. Entering as usual I went to F21 and was surprised that I could hardly detect anything. In 21 my mnemonic was unmanageable. After working with it, I still could not see it nor could I manage it; this was puzzling. When I got to F27 I found myself at my old Lifelines landing area. It seemed there was a very large angel waiting there. I had good enough perceptive acuity that I could detect the various gray hues in its feathers, but given how strange things were going I didn’t know whether I was front-loading the image and was skeptical.

I studied this image trying to decide whether I thought the very tall angel (something like 10-12 feet tall) was actually there. Then being undecided about it I began to leave for my SP27, but then the angel reached out and took hold of me, not letting me leave. This was a very big surprise that I wondered at. Am I suppose to wait for something? There was no answer or instruction from the angel which left me confused about what was going on. I looked up at the angel expecting some explanation but receive no indication regarding why I was being held, so I tried to leave again, and again I was held fast by this huge angel. This was all most peculiar; that is, no message and no instruction from the angel at all. Then I thought a GPS_27 guide appeared which typically is associated with a soul retrieval in my experiences, but I could hardly detect the form of this guide. The guide then began to lead upward and the angel then let go of me. {I nick-name these guides encountered in F27 GPS27 guides because they often provide navigational guidance to specific locations or individuals that may need retrieval}

I followed the guide as in the past, but everything was very tenuous. I could barely detect anything and in time we ascended to where the Hall was (in Lifeline Part I notes), but there I found or could detect no one. This whole thing added up to zero and after a short time I gave up and went to my SP. Getting there, not much was apparent there either.

Eventually I proceeded to F34 and onto my mnemonic at Alpha Squared (F42). There I studied my mnemonic on the door for awhile trying to consolidate myself with it. Entering my suite, my perceptions were still poor but I had the impression Tellaidian was there although I was unsure whether this was just a memory load. Making no progress else-wise I then felt/detected that Tellaidian was communicating but I was terrible at it. I did greet him mentioning that 33 light years is a long way from Earth. It was hard to say what I believed was really being transmitted, but then there were the most incredible moments at times when I really clearly felt, suddenly clearly seeing, clearly knowing, that we were connect over this vast distance – remarkably vivid. Then the thought structure reception again became really poor and I couldn’t say that we were really communicating any longer. It was however, none-the-less, a truly incredible insight like I’ve never had before.

Then after some moments this grew to be most irritating/discouraging as then suddenly Tellaidian took me back with him to be with the others that I had formed the ring with, yet this was vague. Now as they were raising my energy on something like waves again, kinda like back during Starlines, I found I was getting sick. As they worked to raise my energy, as they had in the past, I began to feel much sicker or utterly stressed or ultimately strained. Their energy was ramping up so much that I felt I could not tolerate it and after a time of not being able to stand it any longer I left the ring. Then I was confused, sick, and fatigued; all my concentration was lost for any of the environments.

Eventually returning to C1 this whole experience led me to being pissed off for a few days, just pissed at the frustrating lack of clarity and understanding. I thought I was just told the clarity would be back back (in other notes). What’s going on?

Friday 3/31/17

Late afternoon, the second meditation of the day without hemi-sync: I decided to go to F42 and see if the memory room could help me remember forgotten details of my purpose on Earth. I added to my affirmation that I was willing to be redirected.

Getting to F34 I went to Alpha Squared in F42. Entering the main hall of the space station, the individual at the front greeting area did not seem to see me, and I felt as if I was a ghost; everything was very vague. Then Tellaidian walked up along side me on my right and I greeted him. img_0476As we walked across the main hall, to make small talk, I brought up the notion that he was a scientist. Then vaguely it was clarified for me he was not a scientist in our modern sense, but more in the sense of our classics, ie as a scientist/philosopher/theologian. He relayed to me, or I understood, that he spends much time at the station meeting other species I suppose is how one might put it. I said something to the effect that he must be learning a lot, to which he replied…”Not as much as you would think”. There seemed to be a joke in this that I think I later came to understand. He asked why I was there and I explain generally that I had come to see if the memory room device would help me. {I should remind the reader, the memory room is an apparatus at Alpha Squared/Alpha X that one may utilize to request memories/understandings. It’s introduced during Starlines 1 when encountering the space station; seems to also be a portal }

We eventually made it to my floor and suite. I had explained some of my frustrations with my existence. Then asking if he had any advice he stated he would not interfere in such things and so offered no insights, but then offered that he would wait until I was done. The memory room attempt proved useless. I left the suite and found Tellaidian in the hallway waiting as he said. He asked me if I would like to know more, to which I replied yes that I had not gotten anywhere. To my surprise Tellaidian replied, “You have not tried. Come with me”. This puzzled me and we proceeded to walk around the space station to the opposite side of the structure. {The notion of not having tried was an interesting comment that gave me a lot to think about in terms of including more volition in affirmation statements and travels}

There, on the same floor as my suite but across the station, we entered what impressed me as an observation lounge conference area and we had a great view of something I had not seen since the Starlines course. We had a great view of the black hole, I think. I then remembered this was actually where I had first met the individuals that it seems were instrumental in my meeting Tellaidian. Here Tellaidian encouraged me to continue working with their process, but this was very vague and I was often semi-disoriented.

I then had the impression he was going to introduce me again to the ring of the three individuals that I had been with when I was experiences the energy waves in a session at Starlines. Then it felt, or I had the impression, we melted – or walked right through – the station exterior into some space as we had when at Starlines with the ring of individuals. I felt like i caught some images but I was getting nowhere, or comprehending nothing for the most part. It seemed I call out to the ring members requesting more clarity, but I was getting absolutely nowhere. I determined to stay with them. In the end I became confused and disoriented and then lost my awareness of any connection with them. In the end if seemed like a completely flop, but I considered that I should go back and continue to try and work with them again.

Back in C1 I was very discouraged.

May 2017 Focus 34/35+

….Then I thought I detected Tellaidian, but suspected I was memory loading. After a bit, I had the growing sense that something familiar was also aware of my presence. Then I detected Tellaidian again but now I was having very brief flashes of very clear perceptions of him; these were reminiscent of when we first met. I recognized his image and concluded it was not a memory image.

I observed this for some moments. It felt as if he and I were phantoms floating together in empty void, as if all that existed was just our two forms. I greeted him and bowed. As this construct consolidated I asked him, “Why is it we are meeting Tellaidian”? To which he replied, “You should come with us”, and he began to turn away as if he was going somewhere. I stepped up next to him and place my hand just over his hand on what seemed like a walking stick or staff, something that was in his left hand. I don’t know how I knew to do this. Then the two of us walked together, in void. In a short bit I realized we were stopping and I stood next to him as he was looking forward. I maintained my concentration on my grip on his walking stick so that I would maintain my connection with him. Then I looked forward turning my attention to what he appeared to be looking at.  This gets really hard to bring back, all the details of this experience since there was considerable depth in perceptions and understandings during our contact.

As we stood there, it was as if we were about to witness some event. Suddenly like a ship emerging out of the fog a grand view of what I thought was possibly a black hole emerged before us. This reminded me of events when I was at the Starlines course when we traveled to the galactic core which was when I first met Tellaidian’s associates.  IMG_0474Now I looked at the sight and wondered. It was an immense body of blackness, in the background blackness. I asked Tellaidian, “Why am I here with you? What is the meaning of this exercise?”, as I was engrossed with the depth and magnitude of the sight.

I continued, “What is this?”, and Tellaidian explained,”This is access… access to the ancient. We come here to study; to be with this…”, he said. “Why am I here?”, I asked him. “You’ve felt its call?”, he asked. Slowly, then recognizing, “Yes I have felt it in my life, but did not know how to find it… What is it?” Distantly he answered, “You may come be with us here”, and at that time I realized my body was ringing or buzzing. “Why do you come here and study it?” I asked.  Again, as if distant Tellaidian replied, “It is everything, the most pertinent…. The Root”.

As we stayed there my depth of apprehending it increased. At times I had glimpses, or moments of realization, insight into what this was. It was far beyond my comprehension.  Then there were more brief moments of insight and I came to recognize it in some elusive distant manner; the depth or scale of its meaning – something that is utterly fundamental and ancient, beyond stars.

“You should come be with us [here]…” Tellaidian again reiterated. I wondered what purpose I could possibly have here, and then wondered about Telladian’s purpose, so I turned to asked him, “Tellaidian, where are you from [wondering if I am wrong about his origin]? Are you from….. the Arcturus system?” “We are older…”, is all he said as he seem distant minded from me being focused on the sight.

This is a nice article from TMI about Franceen King and how she came to develop the Exploration 27 and Starline courses.

Franceen King of TMI

July 19th, 2017

I didn’t write this immediately after meditation because I was angry about the whole thing and don’t recall all the details.

With hemi-sync, I attempted to included my NeiGong breathing in parallel through all focus levels to 34, rather than just during the preparatory process. Then once in 34 I came to be with Tellaidian and his circle of associates but it was very faint.

I asked him where we were and he explained it is not a place, rather it is a state. I worked with his associates in the ring initially, but then Tellaidian took over; he and I working together alone. There was again the sense of rising energy and then a very high energy/space/state.

In time, Tellaidian seemed to diminish, shrinking out of view, and I was alone with something, someone else. Whatever this was ‘it’ discussed the wisdom (or concurred) in my choice to continue working with Tellaidian. We also discussed the nature of the character of some individuals: myself, Tellaidian, and others associated.

I was alone with this ‘something/someone’ that was very abstract and vague (F). This one again did not clarify itself for me. After a very long time I became tired (mental overload) and returned deeply discouraged to Tellaidian finding myself exhausted and irritated that whatever it was would not elucidate itself/themselves. I seemed to ‘know’/recognize this group/individual/thing, but I know nothing about them and the perception of them was utterly abstract.

The Ancients
Sept 19th, 2017
This was a very long meditation with a lot to write about:

This is the second day I forced myself back into meditations. This morning’s meditation was productive. This evening, I decided to use hemi-sync thinking I would alternate my practice meditations with hemi-sync sessions. My intention was to go to F34/35+ and continue to reinforce my focus level’s mnemonic encoding. At my affirmation I stated this intention and given the recent incident with Veronica I also stated an inquiry regarding whether it was proper for me to gift energy to the Tall Beings (TBs) at the Healing Aspect in F27. I’ve also returned to my practice of utilizing Shen Gong/Nei Gong methods in my preparatory charging process; spending time doing that prior to starting my sessions.

Arriving at my F21 mnemonic I was surprised to find the sachem ancestral spirit standing behind me. He was grinning broadly and turning to him I placed my hand over my heart in greeting and then we hugged. It was so good to be with this spirit again; his shaman spirit was also present. When they turned to depart I wondered if I saw the rumps of a couple of ponies with them as they slowly vanished into dark mist.

I proceeded on to F23. When I got there it was black. I had wisps of images but I questioned whether those were memory loads of one sort or another. I spoke out to the level saying, “I wish only to perceive correctly, without memory load or imagination – to perceive truly”, and then the angel that I have seen in recent trips appeared again on my left. Together we rose up through F23. At times I had grand views of that Heaven. When we got to F24, after exchanging glances with each other, the angel and I parted ways.

Nothing much happened until I got to F27. There I felt and recognized that I had arrived at a familiar place, but it was only slightly perceivable. Again I announce out-loud my desire for only correct perceptions. From there I flew to my SP27 enjoying the lift of strong breezes that took me high to my SP27.

At my SP I didn’t know what to do, so I climbed up on the platform I carved into the arete on the mountain’s shoulder sometime ago, and from there I called the Spirits. After that I called out-loud to the surroundings whether it was appropriate to extend energy to the Tall Beings (TBs) and something said to me, “All such gifts are appropriate”. So I spent time crafting and extending this to all the TBs at the healing center. When that was complete I turned to climb down, and suddenly it was as if a bright light like the Sun appeared on my right.Looking toward the light I clearly saw my old vision of the Ancient of Days. I wondered at this. Why is this image being sent to me so often [the same old mantra: remember who you are]? And why is the Alpha Squared memory room also drawing attention to this I wondered [These are now old worn out questions that find no resolution] so not knowing the complete answer at that moment I climbed down and entered my SP to begin the sling-shot maneuver.

I started energizing the labradorite sphere as I also began to access the conduit of energy given to me that provides what I call the Creative Force. I used that to charge myself and the sphere. Then I proceeded to EC27 (Earth Core focus 27) and there I focused on using the location that Ethereal had shown me. I was determined to maintain clean focus and after a few oscillations between the levels I went to F34/35.

Arriving there I found it was black, and as I had no goal in mind I decided to spend time focused on discerning perceptions, rooting out memory loads and stray thoughts until I got to a steady state. After awhile I thought Tellaidian was present but I figured that was just a memory load, yet the image persisted. As I began to suspect this may actually be Telladian, he turned away to his right indicating I should follow him.

I was on his left as we walked in utter void like blackness – as if we were nowhere – and I said to him, “Master forgive me…[I have been slow to return]”, and as he walked forward he raised his left hand in front of me interrupting as if the matter was completely inconsequential. As we walked, I stayed focused on him so as not to loose the connection. {I had been slow to return to Tellaidian as a result of a memory room experience. At that time, after the experience, Tellaidian was available but I had no heart to pursue anything and so leaving I promised to return I left. Those notes are elsewhere}

To our left suddenly the Alpha Squared space station was vividly visible and Tellaidian seemed to discount it as if it was the same old station that’s always there; nothing interesting here. We continued and after some moments he lifted his right arm and pointing outward; with what seemed like a walking stick he directed my attention to the oblique view of a disc galaxy. It had minimal dust lanes in its structure and the rich blue light of young stars was evident and a prominent feature throughout this galaxy. A moment later we were back in void-like emptiness again.

After a time Tellaidian stopped and before us was his crew that had lifted me in energy before; the first time occurring during the Starlines 1 course. He directed me to join them. It felt like I merged or swam to them; hard to describe but in some manner I floated up to join with two individuals that I recognized from before. I took their hands and became aware of a third individual in front of me. Then we formed the ring formation between us as we had during our first meeting at Starlines. At this time I was able to study the hand of one individual as he held my hand. The individual had very thin delicate slender forearms and wrists smaller then the size of a 5 year old human. The hairless smooth skin was light brown and their small delicate hands had 3 slender fingers. It seemed there was an opposing thumb clasping my hand but all I could see was the 3 fingers; very fine or delicate structure.

Then I felt a wave crash upon us; striking me squarely. It was like standing in the ocean perhaps knee deep and having very large waves (head tall) crash over oneself at the beach, but not so strong that it would knock one over. I felt the thrust of the wave and in time more came, one after another. I asked what these waves were and I thought it was Tellaidian who answered, “Gravity…… waves….. subtle ….”. I then asked, “What is the purpose of increasing one’s energy with these waves…..”. To which Tellaidian replied, “Illumination”. I began to ask another question and then he abruptly interrupted, “No more questions”, so I stopped and concentrated on the waves themselves.

As I focused on the waves I noticed they seemed to be slowing down, but it was more like the waves were now approaching as if in slow motion. Everything slowed until one wave came and it appeared to stand still. I found I was standing in the maximum height of the wave in the mist of its full crash as it thrust onto me. As it stood still I felt as if time was stopping. During this the crew had been fading away and I found myself alone in this wave of energy trying to apprehend what I was perceiving/feeling.

Then clearly again the vision of the Ancient of Days appeared in front of me and I was looking at it, as if I was entering it. I sensed something was there, ever-present, all encompassing, and then it said to me, “You have many fears”, and I answered frankly, “Yes [I’ve learned fear from a lifetime of misery]. This Force replied, “There is no longer any need to fear. Be at peace”, and I asked, “How can I be at peace with so many questions? There is no validation of these constructs. I have been shown so much, yet how can I be at peace without its validation – without knowing its true?” Then they/it continued, “We care for you… there is no need”. And I asked, “Who are you…. I am your father [of Source]” and the vision disappeared. I was then in darkness but found I had mind to mind contact which I apprehended was something far beyond even that which I’ve had with those I call Elohim. [I can’t remember all the conversation as the discussion was an extensive debate. The magnitude was mind blowing. It just felt beyond everything.

Then it or they said to me, “Accept us”. I asked, “Who are you?” “We are the Ancients…. “, they answered. So I added, “If there is no darkness, no guile… if you are light, the positive, the creative – True, then yes I accept you, but I need to know this is a valid construct. Then I saw a mirky darkness, a death-like force, creep in as it had over 40 years ago when I first saw the Ancient of Days but now I brushed it aside with a gesture of my hand as I continued, “I do not know that you are the same one who I knew – who spoke to me then. Now I must know that this is the same root”. To which the Ancient(s) replied, “We will…. You will know. There is much doubt”. “Yes”, I unapologetically replied. “It is now time [we] dispel all doubt. You will know…”, they assured.

Then, out of curiosity I thought to asked, “The Wise One(s): Who is the Wise One(s)”? They answered, “That one is an Ancient who has chose more form”, and I found I realized what they said.

Then after what was a long conversation, when it concluded I found they (Ancients) faded away and I realized I was back with the crew that assisted me with the rising energy. A bit later Tellaidian was apparent and after disbanding from the three that coordinated the energy lift I walked with Tellaidian as he turned slightly to me saying, “Come back [You may come back] to be [study] with us”. We walked away from the crew and in time Tellaidian faded and I was left alone in the darkness.

Then there was a long exhausting return. I felt a need to get out; too much energy, or too much something. Back at my SP27 the view from my open air window facing the peaks was amazing; seeing down the U-shaped valley, in the distance the ocean. That must lead back to the beach on the other side I considered. I proceeded directly to my F21 mnemonic. From there I counted down slowly to reinforce my mnemonics. Back in C1, I found I had a new perspective now and it was more peaceful as if I could accept things better now. This felt like it was some sort of answer.

Below is a session entry from Lifelines October 2017 that pertains to Tellaidian

Lifelines: Thursdays Later AM Session – Last Day; Wrapping Up Sessions

{Following is the portion of session notes that pertained to Tellaidian}

…….There I charged my labradorite stone into a bright light as I drew upon that energy available to me, an energy conduit from the Elohim. I continued to charge myself and the sphere to a brilliant state, then I went to F34/35 where I immediately encounter Tellaidian. Together we walked in silence, alone like those in the still cold moonless AM night peering carefully into the darkness. After a short distance, in whatever this place is, we came to his crew, but they were vague and hardly perceivable. Then Tellaidian said to me, “Go Join”, so I did.

I greeted the others and then acquired an awareness. Immediately a large swell drew upon us quickly and it rose to my chin as it passed. Next the wave that came overtopped us leaving us submerged, in what? This repeated, above us, as I was aware the waves were still arriving; passing by over us, covering us. In this blackness I wondered if The Ancients were there and then I plainly head, “We are here! We are always here”, they reiterated. And I said to them, “I don’t understand. Why did I come to this [TMI]. I asked…about this…that I should go. I was told the door was open. So yes this doorway was open, but it was nothin. Why”? And then they said to me, “It was important you were there… for others. Your presence was needed. You went to BE there”, is all they would explain. {This discussion is referring to the Lifelines course week}

After this, events are hard to remember, but I came back to Tellaidian. When I approached him at Alpha Squared he said to me, “Now we will talk”, and he continued saying, “Be unconcerned with your former self. Turn away from it and come be with us. The answers to your questions are here. You must be with those that are your own…  Beyond – not of a planet. This is beyond [even] me. You must go be with your own – beyond”, he emphazied.

Then I said to him slowly, “To remember”?  I opened myself, allowing myself to be receptive and to extend my awareness saying, “I need the thought…. to remember it. I need to know. How can I know without knowing it is true?” I said. After that I returned.

Here the collection continues with the events during the Starlines 2 week, events that pertain to Tellaidian – October 2017. There is some duplication from the Starlines 2 notes here. This course week followed the week after Lifelines.

Starlines 2: Monday Last Afternoon session

This was an introduction to new states: Earth Core 34 (EC34) and Earth Core 42 (EC42). The task was largely focused on creating the respective pick-codes (what I refer to as mnemonics) for these new states. Accessing these states was also facilitated with the sling-shot technique developed by Franceen King.

When we first got to Voyager 8 in F34 from ‘where’ we commenced the sling-shot to Earth Core 34 (EC34) we were instructed by narration to look at ourselves. When I did that I found I was invisible, or rather there was nothing there. Actually this didn’t surprise me, as I remember once in F27 being with another student who confirmed all the details of our encounter but could perceive no one. Also, in another verified incident (F27) with a different student, he too confirmed the contact details, but also could not see anyone.

Getting to EC34 I found nothing notable about this state at the time. However, when we repeated the procedure for accessing Earth Core 42 I developed a serious headache in two places in my head and also felt great pressure and a sheer force. It was most painful, but being in EC42 was deeply comforting to me; like the embraced of something deeply fundamental to one’s substance and being. The desire to stay was very strong regardless of any pain. There was the sense or feeling that something great was ‘dawning’ on me.

One peculiar occurrence took place when I was back in F42 preparing for the sling-shot to EC42. There I suddenly encountered Tellaidian who reached out to me and touched me. When he did that I saw his planet again. I’ve seen it only once before and this time I again saw the dark barren planet with its smooth bare iron plate-like surface and now I clearly saw a nearby geologic feature that looked like a deep riff or gorge that had jagged rows of iron spike-like crags jutting up sharply. I wish I could draw it, a wonder to see.

As we continued the sling-shots visiting these different levels. I found I felt better in EC34 and EC27 as if I was decompressing compared to EC42.

At the end of the session returning, I felt disoriented and stressed from the sheer forces or compression-like feelings that were accompanied with the terrible headache, but I deeply missed the contact in EC42 nonetheless. As an aside, other students also reported similar sensations.

Starlines2: Tuesday Late Afternoon Session: Objective is to observe the galactic core (GC), the I-There Council stuff, and the memory room at Alpha X (F49).

For this session I was able to spend more time with Shen Gong charging then usual, and at my affirmation I said, “I desire truth; correct perception of valid constructs that I may partially occupy. I then went directly to my SP27 and again stated, “I intend only true perceptions…of the female visitor; untrue perception – let false images be removed”

Then I went to V8 to charge the crystal for the others. After that I ignored V8 further and went directly to F42. There I soon met and greeted Atur and Anosh (don’t know why they were there) and pressed on to other business. I then migrated to F49 and going to my memory room I inquired regarding the truth of the galactic core. Not much happened and leaving the memory room I found Tellaidian waiting for me in my suite as he said, “Follow me”, and we walked out into the hall heading to his conference area.

Once we got to his conference room I viewed his other visitors that appeared to be milling about or participating with others in some way. Then Tellaidian turned to me saying, “Here. This one is JoJo. He comes from the region you refer to”. Then he beckoned this ‘creature’ over to us. How to describe it? (I will attempt a crude sketch to add) Tellaidian proceeded to introduced us and provided JoJo with an introductory detail concerning my interest. Next this creature lead me toward the conference room window as if we were going to look out. Looking out, I then noticed this creature arched what seemed to be a foot up against the exterior wall near the window, while keeping its’ other foot planted below it. Weird.

I first considered that I didn’t know what to ask, but then I said, “Is there any specific meaning or messaging association with the galactic core?” JoJo curtly stated, “It is impertinent”. So I next asked, “IS there a star-gate”? To which JoJo replied, “Yes”. Given that information I thought to go back to the memory room and be more specific about the StarGate. After thanking JoJo, I returned to my suite.

Back at the suite, I entered the memory room and posed the question, “May I have correct perception in F49 and I also inquired what I may learn from this”? I waited. Then as if in a dark fog surrounding a tunneled vision I looked up and saw several figures standing together as in a circle. They stood around what looked like an large iron compass several feet across, or perhaps it was some sort of sextant as it appeared to be a spherical coordinate navigation transit. As I studied the figures the scene was most peculiar. They stood silent and appear as individuals wrapped like mummies with fresh wide wrappings and these had a purple hue; though it was hard to know their shape. They appeared to be focused on their task as they largely ignored me. There seemed to be five individuals, maybe six.

I wondered if this could be what TMI calls a cluster council, then one turned suddenly looking directly at me saying, “NO. We do not pertain. [But] We are a council, a council of guidance of this galaxy. From there I could see or was aware of a large group, or super cluster of galaxies. I saw how their guidance related to the greater collection; maintaining the course of a migration for this galaxy. Then that one went back to its previous focus as I watched them.

Then a moment later another one turned and pointed at me saying, “We will request your assistance at the appointed time”. Puzzled I continue to observing them working, as they continued to ignore me. Then I left returning to V8. There I became aware again of a severe headache as at EC42 but I easily normalized myself with a simple QiGong circulation called mixing Fire and Water.

Starlines 2: Wed Late Afternoon:

At my affirmation I stated that I wished to know the utility of the Stargate.

F21 The Sachem ancestral spirit was there. After our embrace we addressed the needs he looks over, and afterwards I departed.

I went to AS42 via V8 and readily found Tellaidian. I asked him of the need of F49 to which he replied, “No. It is immaterial”. Then we left the suite and walking down the hallway. I thought we were taking a slow gate and considered how old Telladian is, then deciding this pace was good as I noticed how Tellaidian walked. And then we slowed further decaying into slowing motion. When we approached his conference room I saw things were slower yet. Then Tellaidian told me to join.

So I went to his crew and there we stood together. Its now familiar to be with them. I think I see the bounded minds and then I felt their energy raise. At our feet was a trickle of water, as if we stood on a smooth flat slab in a small laminar flow of cold water passing by. I looked up before us and saw a smooth black wall, the pure vertical before us, a gentle sheet stream of water draining down over it.

Then I sense the others clearly and sharing together we raised energy. This time I participated and saw a bright ring of light form throughout us. There was a bright spot on the ring, and the spot of light and the light of the ring circulated through us faster. I knew how to energize it and heard the others called to me, “State your goal”, and I called out loudly “I need to let go of this mind; to acquire and share Mind. My goal is to enter the StarGate, acquire understanding of its’ utility”.

Then the circulating light appeared as if it too was moving in slow motion through us. As it continued to slow I saw the StarGate and went to it. Again it was aesthetic to behold; this deep phenomena of nature. I entered it and wondered what it actually is and I heard, “Transdimensional-translation uninhibited by the physical universe, as I floated in causally. I found myself drifting as if carried along in the tube.

As I drifted I saw a brief flash of an alien species similar to Grays and I wondered it they were the same ones that I had met during Starlines 1 in a session that took us to the StarGate; the ones that wanted to know what the Earth said to me. Then they were gone. Drifting further in I came to the chamber/interception of these portals. Now I decided to take the plunge and I step out into the light blasting up from below in the incoming port.

Drifting in this current I wondered how I might use the portal to perform my purpose, whatever that is. And I heard or felt a directive that I should see Sa-Tash. With that I suddenly realized or learned that the effect of the portal is not limited to within it. That is the effect may be accessed from outside the Stargate and I understood this could help pilot Sa-Tash’s translation ship, or it is how they do it now.

My attention was drawn back to looking at things passing by in the portal. In the distance approaching I saw fuzz balls like cotton-candy drifting toward me as in oncoming traffic in the port. They were different soft colors evenly spaced as the approached. As I wondered what these were, immediately a mind overlapped and I learned, “You may contact celestials”, and I asked “What are celestials?”. These are bundle[packets] intention-purpose-function.” I understood as like signals… as if in a nervous system, then something injected, “…..the consciousness of the physical universe”.

I then stated, “I wish to acquire greater understanding of purpose”, and I was then left in the portal for a long time drifting with tangential thoughts or illustrations; moving with the flow for a long way. Then I heard the narration begin the return and I wondered about turning this star-gate thing around. As I was befuddled by what to do for a moment I found the StarGate has just circled-round and I was instantly back where I started, as if stepping out of a doorway.

I then recognized the 3 crew members I was joined with. The circulating light among us was gone, and now I saw clearly the alien face of one crew member and I wondered if this was an Arcturian (distinctly different from Tellaidian) .


Meetings with Tellaidian continue in the November 2017 Post Starlines 2. I intend to maintain one thread of notes going forward – Nov 2017.

  1. This space station in an alien telepathic construct, for lack of better phrase. Franceen King was led here in her travels and the alien parties involved suggested she use this facility for her course. 
  2. See collection notes regarding Sa-Tash 
  3. Deva is a word that I don’t think I have ever given any consideration to in my life. 
  4. My F42 mnemonic is my name with the number 42 as a symbol that looks like a door knocker mounted on my suite’s door at Alpha Squared. 
  5. Arcturus is a red giant star. It is not a planet. From our point of view Arcturus is not a system in itself, the red giant is in the Bootes constellation which is a 2D representation of the arrangement of related stars distributed in 3D Astronomically speaking , but that is not necessarily the ‘system’ that Tellaidian was referring to. ‘What’ Tellaidian is referring to is unclear.