About the MtnGoat

For those interested in such things the MtnGoat is a Pisces, Libra Rising, with Leo Moon. He is also an INTJ in the Meyers-Briggs personality model. His Life Path Number is the Master Number 11. In Chinese Mystic Taoist traditions1 his birth direction is Guai – the direction of the Dragon (Spring). He is a Qi Gong2 and TCM practitioner, besides having been schooled and trained as an experimental physicist.

  1. For an English reference see: The Secret Teachings of Chinese Energetic Medicine (Volumes 1-3) by Jerry Alan Johnson, PhD DTCM
  2. Don’t refer to YouTube to see what QiGong is. My QiGong does not look like that; more of a Shen Gong mix. Online you see pretty motions and beautiful posses of people in wonderful garments blown in the wind. Real Qi gong is an internal art