Quick & Dirty Manifestation Self-Test

Decided to do my old seed growth test. I have some winter wheat seeds in my freezer; about 4 years old. Took two paper bowels lined with equal number of paper towel patches and put 12 seeds in each bowel covered and watered.

Normally I let them grow 2 weeks but I stopped this text at 1 week cuz I didn’t feel like doing it any longer. I uncovered the seeds, trying to not damage roots that penetrated the paper, and examined the 7 biggest in each group. I only did 7 cuz I didn’t want to count tiny roots much longer. I mean it’s only seeds.

My charged group seeds w/ charged water yielded a total root length for those 7 seeds of 214mm. The normal seeds had total combined lengths of 131 mm.

Statistically my charged group seeds had a mean length of 30.6mm w/ sigma 11.4mm. The normal seeds had a mean length of 18.7 w/ sigma 6. My imparted increase was 63% in total length/effect.

Not bad for only a couple minutes per day. I attribute the greater std deviation in my charged group is due to unstable consolidation of focus on my part. A Qigong master may call it turbidity of spirit.

I’ll do the experiment again with fewer seeds and longer treatment interval. I should treat them 3 times a day but I loose interest fast.

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