MtnGoat Lore additions: “Weigh It – In the Balance” .. Winged Messengers”

Some finished notes for the year: Weigh it in the Balance (Feb ‘19….)

followed by:

The Long Slog (Feb 2019 – Sept 2019)

and notes from just recently going to TMI: Starlines 1 (Repeat) Oct 19-Oct 25, 2019

And then …. Come Be with Us (November 2019 … 2020)

Finally: Winged Messengers

Important Note:

This website is not designed to be accessed via blog posts. That’s because the site is not fundamentally a blog. Since one cannot jump in via any post and follow the chapters it’s best to access the (Main) Menu icon found in the upper left on each webpage. The Word Press template just calls it Menu.

To find the Menu see: Introduction upper left . Sorry about the design confusion. Better yet, go to :

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